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Slumber Party with Tim Murray

May 27, 2019

The hysterical Michael Lucid aka Damiana Garcia aka Dumpster Queen from Michael Henry's viral videos stops by for a very funny and sexy pillow talk session! We discuss the inception of his drag character Damiana Garcia, Cancel vs Pause culture, bunk checks at sleep-a-way camp, indoor pools, getting your but eaten at...

May 20, 2019

Tim Paul stops by for a very fun sleepover. We talk about cruising, gay intimacy, mall culture, SEX!, Catholic school, peeing the bed and celiac disease honey! 

Peter sends a real whopper of a Marry, F, Kill at Tim! 




May 13, 2019

Luis Alvarez Schacht AKA Bob's Assistant stops by for a slumber party! He talks being Bob the Drag Queens assistant, side hustle jobs, the evolution of drag race and drag as an economy, growing up in Miami and the mix of comedy and drag.





May 6, 2019

Amazing comedian and Drag Race Her-storian Mano Agapion stops by for a sleepover! We talk about his show Bad Drag Race at UCB that has become the hottest show in LA, 90 Day fiance, monogamous relationships versus open relationships, gay cruising culture, self-esteem in the gay community and the mechanics of bottoming!