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Slumber Party with Tim Murray

Sep 30, 2019

Tim and Peter are finally reunited after 8 weeks apart! Tim fills Peter in on his Edinburgh Fringe adventure doing stand-up, improv, Voldemort the Musical Parody and Thrones the Musical Parody! Peter fills Tim in on his Chicago trip doing over four different shows in a night. They talk about their stand-up paths and...

Sep 21, 2019

Rich Bitch Actor Zack Colonna (Queer Window) in the broke bitch mix! We talk spending a night with Ian McKellen, the specific nostalgia of soft penises, sexual awakenings via the WWE, and performing at the famed Lyric Opera House in Chicago.

Sep 14, 2019

Comedian John Hartman (The Good Place, Second City), joins us to clear the damn air! Did he, or did he not go on a date with Peter? Did he pull trade while touring for Second City? Why are people stealing from him? And what kind of exams was he giving and/or receiving? Find out all that and more in this...

Sep 8, 2019

Musical improv genius Ashely Ward (Baby Wants Candy, 50 Shades the Musical!) drops by to spill some INTERNATIONAL TEA! From performing at the Sydney Opera House, stanning for Housewives, youth group lock ins and holding onto her gorgeous southern accent, it's all in this episode!

Sep 2, 2019

Actor Katie Kershaw (Mrs. Fletcher with Katherine Hahn) takes a break from her busy Hollywood schedule to swing by the studio and chat about her love for Sara Bareilles, growing up poor in Kentucky, deep physiological yearnings for D'Angelo and getting ready to become an overnight queer icon on HBO...