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Slumber Party with Tim Murray

Dec 30, 2019

Holding grudges, being bad at communication, being the girl’s volleyball mascot, astrol (yes we abrev!!), grief and all three of us recounting our magical relationships with women and realizing we’re not gay, but love them dearly!




Dec 16, 2019

Big Dipper (YouTube Gay Rap Sensation, RaceChasers) stops by for a slumber party to talk about having night terrors, the fisting world, when he started loving rap and the formative experience of watching his first porn in 7th grade... that was satanic and poop filled! 




Dec 9, 2019

For the second part of Michael Henry Returns we talk about hot men in New Orleans, being too old to get turnt, stating your goals, having a focus problem and... having fun! 




Dec 1, 2019

YouTube sensation Michael Henry (27 million views Bish!), the very first guest of the podcast, becomes the first returning guest! He catches us up own everything we set up months ago! Has he continued his romantic relationship with that homeless man? Did Tim ever see that man he hooked up with in Spain in 2011 again??...