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Slumber Party with Tim Murray

Apr 29, 2020

Marti Gould Cummings stops by for a Slumber Party to talk about running for City Council, doing drag and hooking up in secret in high school. 



Apr 20, 2020

Brita Filter stops by for a slumber party to talk about her time living with Tim before she started doing drag. She talks about getting the villain edit, learning and growing from what she saw on tv, spending more money on Drag Race than she did on her college education, staying creative during quarantine, buying a...

Apr 13, 2020

Marc-Sully Saint-Fleur comes over for an isolated Slumber Party and he brought an entire church choir (background). We talk about his very early sexual awakening as a young boy, our friend's edit on Drag Race (hi Brita!) and what to watch right now! This episode was also LIVE on YouTube so for the first time we also...

Apr 5, 2020

Sam Oh stops by for a SLumber Party to talk poppers, sexual awakenings with your best friend, all the different drugs, staying slutty during quarantine, someone saying Sally Field is a predator????, how not to talk to go-go boys and he gives advice for hooking up: just don’t do it....