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Slumber Party with Tim Murray

Aug 31, 2020

Lemon talks about her time on Canada’s Drag Race, her friendship with Priyanka, her time living with Tim for a summer in NYC in a horrible basement, being her own artistic director, Brita's edit on Season 12 and how Lemon started drag. She also gets attacked by her dog at the end and it is the funniest two...

Aug 23, 2020

We continue our Elphaba Slumber Parties with one of the witches who played her the longest: Dee Roscioli! We talk about her time as a standby for Stephanie J. Block in The Cher Show, anti-racist work, what to read during quarantine (instead of watch!?), the change in musical theatre vocals every decade and the time Dee...

Aug 17, 2020

My friend Jenna Leigh Green (Wicked, Bare, Sabrina the Teenage Witch!) stops by for a slumber party. We talk true crime podcasts, playing the iconic mean girl Libby on Sabrina, the beginnings of the musical Bare and being the very first Elphaba of all time who did a no-fly show!!




Aug 9, 2020

The iconic Jessica Vosk stops by for an Elphaba themed Slumber Party! We talk about the best Celine Dion songs of all time, telling the next generation how to hold on to hope, using her Elphaba platform FOR GOOD, discovering how to be yourself in quarantine, leaving the world of Wall Street to pursue Broadway and of...

Aug 3, 2020

Glee Project AND Glee star and the current reigning Elphaba on Broadway, Lindsay Pearce stops by for a Slumber Party! We talk about her role in Grey's Anatomy, working on cruise ships, online harassment, and of course flying for the first time as Elphaba!  

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